Belgian Freight Forwarding Association


CEB in its actual shape was founded on July 5, 1982. It is the national umbrella organization of freight forwarders, custom agents and logistic service providers in Belgium, which means that members of CEB are the regional associations of freight forwarders and custom agents:





  • VEREXZ (Vereniging der Expediteurs van Zeebrugge)


  • Associated member: BCA (Belgian Courier Association)


Through its member-associations, 300 companies are affiliated to CEB.

Being the umbrella organization, CEB deals with items and problems at a national level. Indeed, local items are to be solved by the local associations in Antwerp, Brussels and Zeebruges.  
CEB has regular contacts with the national Customs Authorities, the VAT-administration, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Transport, etc.
Besides the contacts with different authorities, CEB has regular talks with other professional organizations e.g. the road hauliers, the employers' organization, the national ICC-chapter and of course CEB is member of CLECAT (European Association for forwarding, transport, logistic and customs services – and FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations –